Are you on the hunt for a high-quality, durable, and good looing flooring solution for your garage? 

We specialize in Garage Epoxy Flooring, with options of either ‘Roll Coat Epoxy Flooring’ or ‘Flake Epoxy Flooring’, to provide a durable and great looking finish to your garage.

Our Garage Epoxy Flooring Services:

Operating from the Sunshine Coast, we’re thrilled to present our epoxy flooring solutions specifically tailored for garages. 

Whether you prefer the seamless finish of Roll Coat Epoxy or the textured, decorative look of Flake Epoxy Flooring, we’ve got you covered. 

Our services span from detaied surface preparation to the precise application of premium epoxy coatings.

Problem Solved:

Garages often endure heavy machinery, chemical spills, and daily wear and tear. Our specialized epoxy flooring solutions are the remedy to these challenges, furnishing a surface that’s resilient, easy to maintain, and stylish, enriching both the utility and aesthetics of your garage.

Key Features:

When you choose our Garage Epoxy Flooring services, you enjoy:

  • Exceptional Durability
  • Improved Chemical Resistance
  • Personalized Design Options (Roll Coat or Flake Epoxy)
  • Low Maintenance
  • Enhanced Slip Resistance
  • Fast Installation
  • Cost effective solutions that suit your budget

epoxy garage flooring

How it Works:

Our journey begins with a thorough consultation to grasp your unique requirements, followed by careful surface preparation and the accurate application of your chosen epoxy coating—either the smooth Roll Coat or the vibrant Flake Epoxy. Lastly, a protective sealant is applied to secure the longevity and optimal adherence of the epoxy flooring.

We adopt a comprehensive and systematic approach:

  1. Consultation: Delve deep into your preferences and needs through detailed conversations.
  2. Surface Preparation: Ensure the surface is clean and conducive for the optimal adhesion of the epoxy.
  3. Application: Implement the precise and professional application of the chosen epoxy coating.
  4. Finishing: Secure the epoxy with a protective sealant for prolonged durability.
  5. Inspection: Perform a final review to ensure impeccable results.

Our expertly installed garage epoxy flooring serves as a great solution for residential garages, auto repair shops, and other spaces on the Sunshine Coast that demand durable and attractive flooring.


  • Extended floor life
  • Customizable design options (Roll Coat or Flake Epoxy)
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Vastly improved look of the entire space.

garage epoxy flooring

Why Choose Us:

  • Experienced and Local Experts
  • Creative and Customized Solutions
  • High Quality Products
  • Trusted and Efficient Application Processes
  • Unparalleled Customer Satisfaction
  • Time Efficient Installation Processes
  • Pricing that matches your budget. 

Whether you are considering revamping your existing garage or starting a new project in the Sunshine Coast, our garage epoxy flooring services, with the choice of Roll Coat or Flake Epoxy, are here to fulfill your aspirations. 

Contact us today if you would like to learn more, get some free advice or to request a free quote.